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Family Time
Gay Family
Services: Services

Couple's Counseling

Improve communication, connection, and intention within your relationship

Family Counseling

Improve family dynamics and/or parenting skills

LGBTQA+ Counseling

Safely process and address gender and/or sexual minority experiences and transitions

Psychological Services

Mental Health is as important as Physical Health

When people tell me that they are nervous or hesitant to start counseling, I reassure them that it is absolutely normal to be unsure about counseling. 

First, it is not an easy thing to commit to doing. It takes a lot of work and effort, often leading to the uncovering of unhelpful patterns or thoughts. It takes energy and stamina to get through therapy, much like starting a new diet or exercise program. The more intentional and consistent people are in their efforts, the more progress they will achieve over time. It is okay to be nervous to start something new.

Second, we do not have any guarantee about the match between the therapist and the client. It is also normal to want to find a therapist who is a good fit. Not every therapist can work with every client, and clients have every right to follow their intuition about whether or not the clinical relationship is a good fit.

Third, therapy is easy to ignore or put off. I am a firm believer that people deserve a safe place to process their trauma, experiences, and patterns in order to improve themselves and their relationships. Some clients do notice that their physical and emotional health is intertwined and that they experience a relief in symptoms in both areas after engaging in therapy. So, although it is common to feel hesitation about therapy, I urge you to also consider the relief that comes after successfully doing the work. 

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